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Delivery Platform


Optimized Vehicle Dispatch
The dispatcher will recommend the ideal vehicles to dispatch based on your company’s business requirements.

Search Orders
Advanced search facility with various attributes such as reference, name, address, area, vehicle type, hours remaining, request time and etc.

Dispatcher Reports
Dispatched reports includes dispatcher performance reports & order analysis reports.

Customer Engagement
Can easily answer to customer inquiries and able to inform any delays occurred in the delivery process.

Delivery monitor

The delivery monitor portal displays order status such as ready to pick, orders with a rider assigned, orders on the way to clients, and orders that have been delivered. Order information and order history can be filtered by date, order ID, merchant ID, delivery method, or payment type. A detailed report for each order can be generated.

Track Delivery Vehicles in Real Time

Real time monitoring

Real time monitoring of all engaged, free vehicles on google map. As well as on break and phone off taxies, real time app browsing locations and heat map showing areas where customer orders are high.

Track Route

Draw actual route taken by cabs on google map, display distance travelled by drivers on specific deliveries, obtain current location of cabs & etc.